A downloadable game

Tracks is a puzzle game that features original electronic music which adapts as you play.

Each level has one goal track, and a number of fixed positioned tracks. The tracks need to be connected to a closed circuit, with the goal track being connected last. In some levels the number of available tracks to place is limited, making it more challenging to close the circuit and find a valid solution.

Levels are grouped into groups of four. When a level is solved the musical track that is playing alternates without interrupting the flow. When the player solves a level group, the next song starts to play.

The level design allows for a multitude of different solutions to the puzzles. The gameplay is partly about solving the puzzles and partly about the enjoyment of building your own track. The unlimited Undo feature makes it easy to quickly make corrections in the track's design.

Tracks is developed by Andreas Zecher, who designed Understanding Games and worked on Spirits.

All music and sound design is done by Martin Straka, who was nominated for Excellence in Audio at the IGF for his work on Trauma.


  • PC and Mac
  • 20 levels & 5 songs


Tracks-Win64-0-2-2.zip 30 MB
Tracks-Win32-0-2-2.zip 29 MB
Tracks-Mac-0-2-2.zip 30 MB